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Перевод: justify speek justify

оправдывать; находить оправдание; извинять; объяснять; подтверждать; выключить строку; выравнивать


  1. It is possible but the improvement would not justify the cost.
  2. A year later, perhaps to justify his rough treatment in suppressing the national movement among the Tatars and Bashkirs, he affirmed: "the slogan "all power to the national bourgeoisie" is being replaced by the slogan of proletarian socialism, "all power to the working masses of the oppressed nationalities".
  3. In short, a mere breakdown in a working relationship does not in itself justify dismissal unless, after a reasonable attempt to effect a reconciliation, it is found to be beyond remedy.
  4. Justify the paragraph on "SOFTWARE".
  5. Under the Children and Young Persons Act 1933, judges must be satisfied that the child is of sufficient intelligence to justify the reception of the evidence and understands the duty of telling the truth.
  6. Personal equity plans, for example, have not until now commanded the following that their tax-exempt status would justify, whereas scrip dividend facilities have enjoyed a high take-up rate given their generally modest benefits and administrative inconvenience. .
  7. Looking back it is difficult to justify what we did at times.
  8. DRG has spread the surplus over 8.5 years, which is long enough to justify valuing it as part of the overall earnings stream.
  9. Local cynics say fulfilment of the prediction would justify the name of the piazza in which the tower leans - the Field of Miracles.
  10. We will be able to point to those aspects of the enforcer's experiences which justify their view.
  11. The Christian view of life, death and afterlife as a continuum not only supplied a happy ending to the human story, but could also "justify God's ways to man", in so far as the good man would be rewarded for a well-spent life, even if it seemed to have been dogged by misfortune.
  12. Critics view the paper, and similar drafts at the EPA, as back-door attempts to "fuzz up" the science to justify relaxed rules for industry.
  13. Both the IPA and the Association of Media Independents have offered research evidence as ammunition for marketing directors pressed to justify their expenditure, which suggests that in the past marketing directors have defended advertising without evidence of its worth.

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