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Перевод: justly

справедливо; законно


  1. The historian, Robert Currie, has justly described it as the "architectural monument to Methodist ambitions at the beginning of the twentieth century".
  2. Nevertheless, such prints are not justly reduced even in description to mere compositional terms.
  3. Traditionally, Irish farmers have been blamed - justly - for their easy-going disposal of gross pollutants such as pig slurry and creamery wastes.
  4. The Derbyshire Dales are justly famous for their beauty.
  5. Gen Enrile went on: "I told them they would be treated fairly, justly and humanely but they must be man enough to take the consequences of their actions."
  6. No branch of the British Army is more justly admired than the bomb-disposal men.
  7. The CAB is justly proud of its open-door policy.
  8. The Muslim potters of Malaga in the Kingdom of Granada became justly famous for their wares and lustre pottery was subsequently made by both Muslim and Christian potters in the Christian town of Valencia.
  9. This together with their long continuance in flower, has justly render'd them the most valuable of all the sorts of flowering shrubs the great Variety of different Sorts of Roses make a collection of Flowers, either for Basons or in the Garden, without any other additional mixture and their Scent, being the most inoffensive Sweet, is generally esteemed.
  10. Northern Ireland is justly famous for its great natural beauty and the warmth and hospitality of its people.
  11. Now, Dorothea felt justly punished, for she was merely sad, and Isabel would in any case consider it as inevitable good manners to have refused.
  12. Froude; de Quincey's justly famous meditation On the Knocking at the Gate in "Macbeth"; and a typical piece of philogyny by Robert Graves.
  13. Pater's interpretation is justly celebrated, with its cornucopia of cultural references to Troy, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, as well as to Pagan gods and Christianity.

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