j ja jc jd je ji jn jo jp jr jt ju

Перевод: jut speek jut

выступ ;
выдаваться; выступать


  1. reminds: the jut is not enough
  2. But Ruth's eye was drawn back to the great tower of rock, and on the very top, high above, she seemed to see a jut of walls and pinnacles, glimmering like hard edges of light.
  3. Little cottages line lanes that jut off from each other as though they too were trying to hide away.
  4. It will probably surprise many people to know that jut five units of alcohol can push them over the legal limit.
  5. His only concession to vanity was the delicately curled moustache beneath his patrician's nose, which concealed an upper lip he'd thought dubiously ripe in his youth, leaving the lower to jut in lieu of a chin.
  6. Yes I think that, jut having said the word survive, there erm, makes me think of if er they are actually surviving, but not living.
  7. The inadequate map suggested villages lay ahead so we stopped on a jut of land at the first hint of cultivation: another delectable bivvy site.
  8. However, the TQM in R D Network is not jut concerned with laboratory work, since it embraces R D organisations from the electronic, computing, engineering as well as chemical and food industries.
  9. Opposite Limestone cliffs and islands jut from the sea near Krabi, Thailand.
  10. They stand tall, jut their chins out, call no one Sir and can lick any man in the house.
  11. I jut hope to god Fashanu and John Scales sought themselves out.
  12. As Kalchu and I and some of the other men set out for home, they started to gather it up and hack off the dead branches that jut out from pine-trunks like thin stumps of arms.
  13. Notwithstanding the former grandeur of the Cathedral, Johnson wrote no more than a page on Elgin, concluding with an attractive clue to a traveller in his wake: "In the chief street of Elgin, the houses jut over the lowest story, like the old buildings of timber in London, but with greater prominence: so that there is sometimes a walk for a considerable length under a cloister, or portico."

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