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  1. "Jute, Tabitha, Captain," he intoned, as his cyclops lens scanned and recorded her.
  2. "Jute," she told him.
  3. The local jute industry employed forty thousand people in the early years of the present century.
  4. In Dundee, a former jute mill has been converted into 72 flats, while in Edinburgh a scheme at High Street/Bell Street is creating 172 flats in former bonded warehouses.
  5. Having started in films by putting a few thousand pounds into a short religious picture in 1933, he went on to form British National, a production company, in association with Lady Yule, the wealthy widow of a Calcutta jute merchant.
  6. Dundee grew as a port and as a centre for the only jute industry in Britain.
  7. Tabitha Jute pulled up the collar of her old foil jacket and strode off past the concession stalls, looking for transport.
  8. Secondly, the development of Northern technology has resulted in synthetic substitutes for many natural products, e.g. jute and rubber.
  9. They decided to use the skills of their workers in making cloth and sacking from jute , which they imported from East Bengal, now Bangladesh.
  10. Most people find that modern, lightweight rugs are much easier to handle than old fashioned jute rugs with blankets, and they must be more comfortable for the horse.
  11. Later, when other countries wanted to make their own cloth from jute, the workers of Dundee made and sold them the textile machinery .
  12. "Jute, Tabitha, Captain," he said.
  13. He pulled a jute sack onto his lap and pointed down at my face with a dagger.

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