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Перевод: juvenile speek juvenile

юный; юношеский; предназначенный для юношества; малолетний; мальчишеский;
юноша ; подросток ; книги для юношества; актер, исполняющий роли молодых людей


  1. Their significance is not only in terms of the group experience but also in terms of the wider society, for it is these ideas born out of the street-corner groups, doing nothing, that are to a large extent the "juvenile delinquency" of the police and criminologists.
  2. The incorporation of visiting and casework into the administration of the juvenile exchange system not only reflected the continuation of both the practices and the perspectives of the reforming middle class, but also, and ultimately this was of greater importance, it altered the nature of the age relationship, certainly in the degree to which volunteers were in contact with young workers.
  3. Each generation created its own myth of stability and fastened upon disorderly juvenile elements in its own culture to prove the thesis.
  4. However, later on in the conversation she said they very rarely encountered juvenile offenders from grammar school, most would be educationally subnormal or at least well below average.
  5. The principal aim of the Juvenile "Rules" was to continue "the supervision of the boy or girl, when placed, with a view to his or her further education, both technical and humanistic" and to bring to bear on the life of the adolescents "all the influences making for industrial efficiency, for enlightened citizenship and self-realisation".
  6. bring into active play all the possible forces, schools and clubs, etc., to neutralise and overcome the pernicious influences of "blind alley" employment, to insure that, however uneducative and useless a juvenile's job may be from the point of view of the future, he shall not on that account emerge from it unfitted for any other kind of labour.
  7. Similarly, the significance of friendship as a means of exercising influence was appreciated by youth workers, as it would be after 1910 in the working out of the juvenile labour exchange, vocational guidance and after-care schemes.
  8. So boys flocked to take up these jobs which were harmful to their long-term interests and, therefore, philanthropists felt moved to interfere by "choking off" the juvenile supply and by turning juvenile labourers into skilled workers.
  9. Eckert did not know the real Arthur Hardy's share in these juvenile expeditions, nor had he seen the then unpublished A Sportman's Tale which amplifies the sustained friendship between these two Battersea Grammar School pupils.
  10. The transitive verb meant "to make suitable" and when translated into human terms this indicated a solution to a number of perceived difficulties in the juvenile labour-market: at the very least it offered a safeguard against redundancy through technological change; it provided a necessary companion for "intelligence", one of the qualities demanded by "modern" industrial conditions; and it seemed to imply a degree of social contentment, integration, and stability, which were important, if only in so far as they could serve as protection against the ravages of unemployment and, in extreme cases, unemployability.
  11. A son of Green Desert, Magic Ring is out of an Empery mare and there are indications that he will stay a mile despite the amazing speed he displayed as a juvenile.
  12. But between 1951 and 1962 juvenile weekly wages rose by 83 per cent.
  13. Community relations in Easton thus amounts to a programme of youth work, but juvenile liaison is altogether different, for it is basically probation work.

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