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Перевод: juxtapose speek juxtapose

помещать рядом; помещать бок о бок; накладывать друг на друга; сопоставлять


  1. To see what is at stake here, we can juxtapose this question with two others directed at the same problem.
  2. American-born Adelle Corrin, who lives and works in London, creates some of the finest contemporary, grisaille glass, and also makes vibrant windows from what she calls "the primaries, the strong reds and blues which juxtapose excitingly.
  3. In any event the last three novels juxtapose fathers and sons in an effort to gain access to or leverage upon some further thing.
  4. What the tabloids were seeking was the opportunity to juxtapose a patriot with a traitor.
  5. Thus spiders enable us to analyse the ecology of sexual dimorphism (with empirical investigations of particular species or ecotypes), as well as study its evolution (by using he comparative method to juxtapose different species or ecotypes).
  6. Charles I, Christ, and Frazer's monarchs coalesce in the "broken king" of "Little Gidding" whose "May, with voluptuary sweetness", recalling Gerontion's "depraved May", perhaps follows an urge to juxtapose spring's arrival with the breaking of the king.
  7. Your bodies align, juxtapose, wed each other.
  8. We hope to juxtapose paintings that they painted at the same site at the same time".
  9. It may seem improper to juxtapose the Obscene Publications Act of 1857 with Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, but the perception of homosexuality as obscenity is so widespread and homosexual literature continues to be seized and prosecuted under the various indecency laws, that it is not inappropriate to recall the Hicklin case in the present context.
  10. Moreover, the freedom with which they juxtapose theory and humour, and plagiarise for artistic effect suggests strong affinity with the postmodern.
  11. This image conflates two images from Kipling's short stories, images which Eliot would again juxtapose in 1941.
  12. In order to illustrate that a reductionist view of physics is not necessarily the only one available, it is necessary to juxtapose the above quote, with the following, from Dr G, a senior lecturer at Department A:
  13. My intention was to juxtapose two of her works, both of which are illustrative of different periods.

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