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Перевод: juxtaposition speek juxtaposition

непосредственное соседство; соприкосновение; наложение; сопоставление


  1. This juxtaposition of AL and body system gives guidance for curriculum planning, and also for knowing where to record problems, actual and potential, related to the AL of communicating if the Roper, Logan and Tierney model is used as a guideline for nursing plans.
  2. One possibility is that anhydrite was brought into juxtaposition with carbonates by faulting and that this allowed CaSO 4 -saturated solutions to infiltrate the rocks along fractures.
  3. The picture's erotic charge lies in the juxtaposition of the external world and the (normally) concealed, in its urinal's-eye-view.
  4. Sir: I was interested by your juxtaposition of "Poll predicts 42-seat majority for Labour" with "Tories hold on" (30 September), the latter referring, of course, to the Conservative victory in Wandsworth, the significance of which appears to have been almost totally ignored by the media.
  5. The knockabout humour of (i), with its intentionally ludicrous juxtaposition of standard cadential formulae, is an absolute riot (the more so for not trying too hard), as is the central presto Scherzo which illicits a truly remarkable response from the Oslo players (gloriously fruity trumpet solo).
  6. Ever since the days when Hawaiian nobles played out tribal and sexual politics in the ocean, surfers have been the beneficiaries of a semiotic hyperinflation conferring the virtues of naturalness, freedom, potency, on the simple juxtaposition of a man and a board and a wave.
  7. These echoes are the verbal equivalent of degenerating survivals of primitive rituals whose juxtaposition with Christian liturgy recalls The Waste Land and Eliot's earlier interest in a possible universality of certain forms.
  8. But in our view the wider problem centres on (a) the juxtaposition of airfields and housing (or other noise-sensitive development), and (b) the non-acoustical factor of a lack of trust and confidence between both sides of the argument.
  9. (One roll-call of disadvantaged groups has a telling juxtaposition: "people with disabilities, folk enthusiasts"
  10. Nevertheless, the juxtaposition of a mega-theme park and hotel resort beside President Mitterrand's efforts to establish a serious architectural archive of grands projets in Paris must be noticed.
  11. And inside this indirection lies more indirection: image, metaphor, juxtaposition.
  12. RAZORBLADE SMILE are masters of juxtaposition - both angelic and sinister - they're the kind of band who would baptise a newborn child in pig's blood.
  13. The unusual juxtaposition of these two words can only be a subconscious association in the author's mind with the well-known carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas whose repetitive chorus ends, "And a partridge in a pear-tree."

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