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Перевод: myopia speek myopia

близорукость ; миопия


  1. If the myopia is of high degree the vision may not be normal even with glasses.
  2. WATCH OUT for another public display of City myopia.
  3. Myopia (short sight - near sight)
  4. Myopia tends to progress throughout the growing period and spectacles may have to be changed every six to twelve months.
  5. For a party with that record now to deride as unreal, and even denounce as illegitimate, opponents who are also re-examining their past suggests the presence of a certain myopia.
  6. One part of this myopia can doubtless be attributed to simple electoral panic.
  7. Myopia, or short-sightedness, is the 24-year-old Liverpudlian's problem - if indeed it is a problem for someone with 15 professional wins, all but one inside the distance, and one draw.
  8. But in ran into determined opposition in the House of Lords - one senior Conservative described the Bill's provisions as "remote from reality", while a Law Lord described the proposed appeals procedure as "forensic myopia".
  10. Information from conventional sources - such as industry publications, industry association meetings, an individual's network of industry-related personal contacts - can suffer from in-bred myopia.
  11. Thus, a certain historical myopia is required to substantiate territorial claims.
  12. Far from moping about her painful and progessive myopia, she declared it to be an advantage because, having to peer so closely, she could detect objects that the well-sighted passed without noticing.
  13. Defensively, he observes what he considers to be Debord's virtues and comments on the latter's avoidance of, as he puts it: "the various pitfalls - formalist essentialism, aestheticist myopia, politically naive fetishism of reflexivity, and so on, typical of certain avant-garde practices linked to radical political agendas."

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