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Перевод: myriad speek myriad

бесчисленный; несметный;
несчетное число; мириады ; десять тысяч


  1. Most popular among the rich is the Herms tie, in any of its myriad minuscule equestrian patternings.
  2. Structures like those built for Spurgeon and Parker were only two of a myriad of building enterprises entered into by various Nonconformist denominations.
  3. Sitting safe in the big tree, hidden within the protective myriad of bough, branch and leaf, he was submerged in a greenish half-light filtered through layer upon layer of natural growth, and he was looking out from the dimming or dappling shelter of his high cave into the dazzle of a rare summer brightness beyond.
  4. The variety in shape, size and function has also improved and specific brushes are now manufactured for a myriad of tasks in food industries.
  5. Myriad troubles from which cable systems could suffer included " silt, uncharted currents winds - during the monsoon no Indian Ocean cable could be mended at all.
  6. They are too busy campaigning on issues like equal pay, childcare, child benefit, violence against women, homelessness, carers, the representation of women in Parliament and public life, rights for part-time workers and the myriad other urgent issues with which they are confronted each and every day.
  7. Touch is the earliest and most primitive form of communication and is an important form of non-verbal communication throughout life; it can convey a myriad of positive and negative messages between people.
  8. There are far fewer species in the oceans than on land, however, because there are no marine equivalents of the forest trees; and it is the trees that provide such a myriad of habitats for land-based creatures.
  9. Mrs Cartwright was getting on in years, shapeless as a stuffed pillow, hands and arms scarred with the shiny tissue of a myriad burns, and eyes seemingly closed against a lifetime of hissing steam.
  10. The information comes to the IS through myriad channels, some of them formal - over 1,100 newspapers, journals, government bulletins and transcripts of radio broadcasts are sifted - and others that are less predictable.
  11. These two essences are very versatile having a myriad of therapeutic properties.
  12. In ancient China, herbal medicine was used in conjunction with acupuncture and massage to treat a myriad of ailments.
  13. In interviews, and less directly in lyrics, Gedge has always championed the virtue and importance of live, in its myriad of states.

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