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Перевод: myrtle speek myrtle

мирт [бот.]


  1. White carnations, stephanotis and the Bourbon rose "Boule de Neige" were fringed with dark green myrtle and Honiton lace
  2. She had no formal education at all and was brought up by her paternal grandmother at Myrtle Grove, Youghal, which had been the home of Sir Walter Raleigh when he was the Governor of Ireland.
  3. In the old days, the bride's bouquet would be displayed in the entrance of her house for a day or so, and then a sprig of myrtle would be removed and planted to grow into a nice little bush, a sentimental memento to flourish on her estate and murmur "constancy" into her subconscious.
  4. The bride carried the roses ("I am worthy of you") mixed with white carnations ("pure love" according to some sources, "disdain" according to others, so it is imperative to synchronise your sources), edged with myrtle (more love - this stems from the Arabic tradition that Adam was expelled from Eden carrying a myrtle sprig plucked from the bower in which he first declared his love to Eve).
  5. With his "pensive Sara" leaning on his arm, he writes with conversational ease and descriptive felicity of their cottage overgrown with jasmine and myrtle, of the scents drifting from a neighbouring bean-field, and the "stilly murmur" of the distant sea.
  6. At Gailey in Staffordshire, an unusually rich flora emerged in gravel workings abandoned in the 1960s, relics from the fen from which the place took its name, which comes from the Anglo-Saxon "gagol leah", the clearing in the gale, or bog myrtle, that aromatic wetland shrub which gives an extra tang to home-made gin.
  7. Bog myrtle ( Myrica gale ) Roid, sometimes rendered as is the badge of the Clan MacArthur; and the MacDonalds and MacAlisters have for their clan badges the heather, already mentioned for its great versatility.
  8. I could see Myrtle Augee, Mary Berkeley and Tessa Sanderson, all waving and shouting, seeming to make more noise than the rest of the stadium.
  9. Nelson married, in 1926, Myrtle Rhoda Skidmore, who predeceased him.
  10. Some plants are used in their entirety, such as bog myrtle ( Myrica gale ), , which produces a fine yellow, or nettle which has already been described.
  12. Some 50 miles to the north of Charleston, between Georgetown and Southport, is Myrtle Beach, known as Carolina's Golden Golf Coast.
  13. However, whereas most studies suggest that the fungi developing in these secondary sites are normal, regardless of their position, studies by Glenn Richards and Myrtle Smith, of Minnesota University, on Herpomyces , a parasite of cockroaches, indicate that different parts of an insect's exoskeleton may differ in their susceptibility to Laboulbeniales.

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