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Перевод: mysterious speek mysterious

таинственный; непостижимый


  1. Discover that fishkeeping can be more than just owning a goldfish - how about a pet foot eel, or a mysterious seahorse?
  2. When the laibon Parit died in mysterious circumstances in 1928, the Provincial Commissioner cabled Dar es Salaam that disturbances could be expected "but Murrells will keep situation under control".
  3. While I am about it, I had better apologise on behalf of a contributor, who was castigated by post for not looking up the meaning of a phrase that was, to him, mysterious.
  4. Admittedly, the thought-processes of anyone still undecided which way to vote on Thursday must be mysterious or vestigial: but I cannot believe that such nonsense will have the slightest effect on the result of the election.
  5. There was something mysterious about him and she wanted to ask so many questions, but he had that locked-in look, so that even if she risked Salt's caustic tongue and asked outright about how he'd come to be a slave, what it was like in Jamaica, if Africa was full of cannibals and if he'd eaten people, she'd probably get no more than a few shrugs for answers.
  6. "I know, I know, it's something more mysterious.
  7. It may well be that his nocturnal anxieties began on hearing the nightly ministrations by which his father was nursed - to a young boy, eerie and mysterious, doubtless at times frenetic; no doubt they were exacerbated after his death, as sorrow and loss impinged.
  8. It could just be that some of us get married to creatures that fit that description, so perhaps there's a mysterious kind of genetic memory involved here.
  9. Miss Blanche Glover, like Christabel, had artistic ambitions, and painted large canvases in oil, none of which have survived, as well as carving the skilful and mysterious wood engravings which illustrate Christabel's delightful, if slightly disquieting, Tales for Innocents , and Tales Told in November , and her religious lyrics, Orisons .
  10. She was tall and dark and pale, and looked very mysterious and romantic.
  11. Desperate to halt the march of time on face and figure, Streep is directed to a large Gothic mansion where mysterious Lisle Von Rhuman (Isabella Rossellini in large gilt choker and very little else) sells her the Elixir of Eternal Youth.
  12. ONE HUNDRED and forty years after it vanished from Windsor Castle in mysterious circumstances, a pornographic drawing of an hermaphrodite angel by Leonardo da Vinci has been discovered in Germany.
  13. Rioting in 1549, they remained a troublesome and mysterious element in the eyes of their superiors: little more than working machines, violent and expendable.

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