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Перевод: mystic speek mystic

мистический; тайный; таинственный;


  1. The dervish whose thoughts were sweet as the sugarcane could not remain perpetually in a state of ecstasy but he obtained from the stillness of the soul a sweetness which is the heirloom of the mystic.
  2. Tranquility, calm, mirth, enthusiasm and benevolence are also indispensable attributes of men of the mystical journey; and this is even more true of meditation which is the very basis of the mystic life, for it is the means by which the mind is dyed and changed into a garden.
  3. Raskolnikov turns to Sonya; "it was to her, Sonya, that he first went with his confession; when he felt the need of a human being, he sought the human being in her" - which does indeed isolate for a moment, and emphasize, the mystic business of his alienation from the human family; and for this moment the dross (as it were) of Sonya and of Raskolnikov is withheld; the god in his humanity is looking for the god in hers.
  4. Though primitive man may be something of a mystic, the distant voices and fading star in Eliot's poem show no "prelogical mentality" from a golden age of childlike innocence.
  5. So having laid the weight of mystic, creative suffering on Sonya, the novel proceeds to hive it off into its own Epilogue where all strains and difficulties are waved away.
  6. The parallels of the extreme behaviourist and the extreme hereditarian meet at a finite point and join hands in mystic union, like the snake with its tail in its mouth, welded together by the acetylene torch of commitment to one approach and one answer to a multitude of questions.
  7. Mirth and humour, though not the highest peaks of the mystic world, are vital to it and they play a large part in it.
  8. Ecstasy is a flight of the mind in which the mystic describes himself as being transported to another world.
  9. A Russo-American expedition heads for Jupiter and the abandoned spaceship Discovery, the murderous but deactivated HAL computer (not HAL's fault he turned nasty, he was driven mad by security regulations), and the lurking black monolith which sent astronaut Bowman through that lengthy light-show and metamorphosis into mystic star Child.
  10. And vitality is its quality of mystic nourishment, its physical and spiritual trace in us."
  11. MYSTIC PIZZA (Virgin)
  12. When the mind contemplates mystic and sublime objects, there is a tingling behind the eyes and this signals the welling of the eyes' fountains.
  13. Here there is no loneliness for we live with the host of poets and mystic of all ages.

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