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Перевод: mystify speek mystify

озадачивать; вводить в заблуждение; мистифицировать; окружать таинственностью


  1. But myths do not exist only to give human proportions to events; they are also created to mystify experience.
  2. The King's uncle said, "You mystify our friends from the West.
  3. Here, most of all in the project appraisal, does quantification mystify and legitimate in the name of objective economic analysis.
  4. Pop, by definition, must mystify.
  5. In my profession you have to mystify the enemy?".
  6. The corruption, cynicism and disillusionment which now proliferate should not mystify us.
  7. The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarise the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power.
  8. Again, like law, punishment and ideas about punishment can serve to mystify and legitimate oppression, but can also afford "an arena for class struggle"; and as we suggested earlier in this chapter, the history of penal thought can be fruitfully viewed in these terms.
  9. Law can function ideologically, to legitimate the existing order and "mystify" subordinate classes into acquiescence (what Gramsci called "consent").
  10. A satirical tone pervades his "Parliamentary Sketch" ( SB 25), and in an autobiographical passage in DC 43 he writes: "Night after night, I record predictions that never come to pass, professions that are never fulfilled, explanations that are only meant to mystify.
  11. Reporting development in the child's meeting of attainment targets and achievements in SATs introduces a new range of jargon that will mystify many parents.
  12. The allusion must mystify younger readers.
  13. In such an archetypal world, where "good" is constantly and insecurely balanced in an eternal struggle against "evil", the objective explication of the rituals and symbols which surround and mystify police work can seem tantamount to a treasonable act.

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