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Перевод: myth speek myth

миф ; мифическое лицо; выдуманное лицо; несуществующая вещь; выдумка ; вымысел


  1. By the time one gets to Derrida, the latest and youngest of the sequence, Nietzsche's myth of art has itself been dissolved by Derrida's pervasive irony: "If Nietzsche is an ironic mythmaker, Derrida seems only ironic: the radicality of his irony undermines any pretension to myth.
  2. Many dieters believe this myth.
  3. These should be noted, before one views the siege as baseline myth for the interpretation of everyday life.
  4. Despite Buckley's reluctance to play up the siege of Derry as a key myth and his preference for general categories of interpretation derived from various historical experiences, it does seem that the siege has particular significance.
  5. And for the mass of the petty bourgeoisie, which had from the beginning provided a backbone of the "Hitler myth", the period when, materially, the Third Reich turned to unmitigated disaster only seems to have set in from 1942 onwards.
  6. In W. J. Perry's The Origin of Magic and Religion which he reviewed in July 1924, four months before these lines appeared, Eliot read of "old stone images" of the Melanesians, of mana, of the handing down of rituals, and of W. H. R. Rivers's work on "an extensive literature in which attempts are made to bring the symbolism of myth and ritual into relation with modern views concerning its rle in the dream and disease".
  7. The myth that a man makes has transformations according as he sees himself as hero or villain, as young or old, but it is essentially the same myth; Tom Jones is not the same person, but he is the same myth as Squire Western; Midshipman Easy is part of the same myth; Falstaff is elevated above the myth to dwell on Olympus, more than a national character.
  8. "THE MYTH OF EMPIRE" Round Table 1910-;1917
  9. THE MYTH that teenage girls become pregnant to qualify for a council house or flat, has finally been exploded.
  10. The third group, and the one where the "Fhrer myth" still prevailed most strongly of all, was that of the Party activists themselves.
  11. This "myth" had created an "inferiority complex" among Britain's water suppliers that was discouraging investment in new, clean technology.
  12. When Professor Hans Eysenck jumps up with his revised IQ results, 20 years on, still "proving" that blacks are "genetically inferior", he calls himself courageous, a knight hunting for rational truths when all around him cling to myths (the "myth of equality", in his words).
  13. Contrary to popular myth and the government's public relations machine, you were among around 30 million people in Britain who have failed to join the crusade of popular capitalism which swept through the 1980s.

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