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Перевод: mythical speek mythical

мифический; легендарный; фантастический; вымышленный


  1. But is it really ready for an all-out assault of US cultural imperialism which will, as sure as Stalin followed Lenin, lead to more phoney romanticised visions of America's mythical past and an enormous Eastern European identity crisis?
  2. But the moment alone was enough to prove that the Soviet authorities are sincere in their efforts to resolve the riddle of a romantic, mythical figure who single-handedly saved the lives of tens of thousands of Jews in wartime Budapest before disappearing for ever, at the start of 1945, into the darkness of Stalin's Russia.
  3. The "plot" now becomes purely a matter of voice, whereas in such works as Giles Goat-Boy (1966), Chimera (1972), and in other parts of Lost in the Funhouse Barth draws on ancient mythical patterns to write over.
  4. Instead, I ran screaming like a banshee into the garden engulfed in coils of stiffened pipe and looking like some mythical figure being consumed by a serpent.
  5. This ravishingly homespun film, played by an all-Ecuadorian cast, tells the story of "La Tigra", a mythical female version of the Latin American macho.
  6. Candles and Dark Night describes a poetic, mythical countryside, recognisably British yet ravaged by civil war and impossible to date, though it has the atmosphere of the 1950s.
  7. The two things that come out clearly are the sense of reality in the background and the mythical value.
  8. There is also evidence that not only gods and mythical figures were associated with dolphins and mounted their backs, but children apparently rode wild dolphins in just about every bay, harbour, and inlet of the ancient Mediterranean, and dolphins often befriended sailors and rescued people from the sea, carrying them safely to land.
  9. One such paradigm is presented by Jonathan Sher in Education in Rural America while the mythical "little red schoolhouse" does not transpose readily to the grey stone schoolhouse of rural Scotland, the problems of education in rural America are similar though on a grander scale.
  10. The mythical value of the siege for the construction of protestant - loyalist hegemony should not be underrated.
  11. The Key Mythical Structures of Protestant - Loyalist Popular Religion
  12. For centuries the outer edges of the world map dwindled to empty lands and seas where early cartographers filled the vast spaces with sea monsters and mythical creatures which gave rise to the figure of speech "Here be Dragons".
  13. This mythical treatment of dictatorship not only gives the novel a more universal dimension, but communicates the fundamental struggle between human decency and selfishness that lies behind the political struggle.

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