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  1. To avoid having three months each of 31 days occurring in succession, September and November were each reduced to 30 days and October and December were each raised to 31.
  2. In November 1990, they lined up inside the front door to shake the Majors by the hand; following an election victory, protocol decrees that Turnbull should lead his colleagues in applause.
  3. Bohdan Klymchak, USSR: pardoned and released November 1990.
  4. Their debut album "Fine Malt Lyrics" is due out in November.
  5. Martha had been attracted to Bob Lamb since the shepherd first came to work on the farm the previous November.
  6. The EEC has taken a direct interest in the problem of acid deposition, and in November 1988 a directive was agreed upon by EEC environment ministers concerning the sulphur emissions of large combustion plants.
  7. Car production in March was the highest since November 1990 and commercial vehicle output was the highest since June 1990.
  8. Her experience during rehearsal for her first Royal Variety Show at the London Palladium in November 1988 also taught her a lesson.
  9. Philippos, 11 November 1790.
  10. The staff consisted of the Professor (Vial) secretary (Mounsher) collector (Reuben Smith) an assistant to the Professor (Prosser, engaged in November 1792) a porter, three smiths and five grooms.
  11. The need to support the police was accepted by both the Labour and the Conservative speakers in the parliamentary debate on the riots, and was established as a benchmark for the official response to the riots long before the Scarman Report was published in November 1981.
  12. New vehicle registrations in November, at 148,700, were 19% lower than in November 1989 and the lowest seen in any November since 1979.
  13. In November 1987 the heads of most Arab states met in Amman for a summit conference.

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