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Перевод: nob speek nob

башка ; голова ; козырной валет; высокопоставленная особа; шишка ; важная птица;
наносить удар в голову


  1. "He's nob but come to say he can't fetch that china away today, Ruth, love - his car's off the road.
  2. "I'm nob but an old fool, lass.
  3. "The highwayman who got "topped" and the other one who was murdered in the forest used to meet there with this nob."
  4. A favourite is the cruise to the beautiful island of Formentera where you can "hob nob" with the yachts and speedboats of the jet set at Illetas Beach, not forgetting "champagne diving" on your voyage back.
  5. "Hob nob" with the rich and famous on the luxury marina at Puerto Portals visit the Sporting Tennis Playa, a sports complex with floodlit courts, squash, gym, a beach and swimming pool, or the island's famous dolphinarium called Marineland
  6. Sipping an evening martini at the Top of the Mark (the glass-encircled roof garden of the Mark Hopkins Hotel high on Nob Hill) one could look down at the lights of that most cosmopolitan city - over the warehouses and docks of the Embarcadero, over to Grant Avenue and Chinatown, down the cable-car track to Fisherman's Wharf and beyond to the lights of the Golden Gate Bridge which crossed the bay to Sausolito.
  7. Being a lapsed nob has its compensations for Bubbles when young Sloane wife Phoebe Fenton (Francesca Brill) refuses to leave the compound after a fortnight of sleeping with him, much to the chagrin of hubby Ian (Gareth Forwood).
  8. Morton was a cut above the average nob, that was for sure.
  9. It was too dark to work the telephone and only the nob end had lighting, an interesting illumination on a classless society.
  10. Nob Town became Dingy Town and the whole area gradually settled into a faded seediness where a new paint job stuck out like a sore thumb.
  11. She said nobody'll Nob they all say they haven't got the power to prosecute and I said well the N R A has.
  12. Her wicked guardians try to marry Cindy off to a local nob; a disastrous fire frustrates their plans and, as we are fully expecting, love triumphants.
  13. "Do you know who he is, this "nob"?"

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