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Перевод: noble speek noble

благородный; великодушный; величавый; величественный; прекрасный; замечательный; превосходный; титулованный; знатный; статный; инертный;
дворянин ; пэр Англии ; титулованное лицо; нобль ; руководитель штрейкбрехеров


  1. It may be that we felt this time we ought to have voted Labour, that this was the more altruistic, moral, even noble, choice.
  2. draped from her noble neck.
  3. They were part of the story of his heart and, re-read now, one recognizes that the Helen Noble of these letters is incorporated in part into the texture of poems like "After you speak" and "And you, Helen":
  4. He took it upon himself to promote the idea of having a noble building for an Institute in Glasgow, and in this he was ably supported by brothers James and Edwin Docharty, sons of a famous Scottish painter, and a number of other deaf people of exceptional ability.
  5. He put on exquisite robes that had come as a gift from distant India, and took of vial of scented water, then mounted upon his noble steed.
  6. And they found one tent which had been King Yucef's; never man saw so noble a thing as that tent was; and there were great riches therein, and there also did they find Alvar Salvadores, who had been made prisoner the yesterday, as ye have heard.
  7. Noble had been allowed to dissect the last of Kammerer's nuptial pad specimens (the rest had been destroyed some years earlier in a fire).
  8. Ruskin would surely have been surprised if he had been told that a time would come when railway stations, like lakes and mountains, would become a part of the imaginative life of men, and when the sounding express engine no less than the sounding cataract would rouse in them a noble delight.
  9. How noble in reason!
  10. "that noble and fast-sailing line-of-packet ship" on which Martin Chuzzlewit and Mark Tapley travel to America.
  11. The days when you could act out of your noble instincts are over.
  12. While Dostoevsky was interested in the noble Moor and the jealousy question, he will also have been pondering ghost-reasons for his own villain.
  13. Raphael's materials are generally borrowed, though the noble structure is his own.

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