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  1. From then on I began to interpret each nocturnal sound as a footstep or as a bolt sliding back, and in the misery of the night I turned round and round in bed, my nightdress winding itself tighter and tighter about me, while a little voice inside me complained, "I tried to do right, and now look what you've done to me.
  2. Bush Vark's First Day Out by Charles Fuge (MacMillan, 6.95) Winner of The Mother Goose Award and the MacMillan Prize 1988 Three pairs of creaturely eyes stare out from the deep black inside covers of Bush Vark's First Day Out, whetting young appetites for nocturnal mystery and the pleasurable horrors encountered by Charles Fuge's cheery little vark, with his slippery passivity and plain good fortune.
  3. Murray's manner was habitually dignified to the verge of pomposity; nocturnal rugby was a juvenile predilection for which both protagonists were too old.
  4. If newspaper trains ceased to cause nocturnal activity over much of the system, the number of travelling Post Offices actually increased.
  5. Much of the orchestral playing was colourful and poetic, notably the horn-calls and pizzicato strings in Act II which call up nocturnal mystery and tension with such magical economy.
  6. He was already imagining a widening of their nocturnal activities.
  7. The time lag in the nocturnal response is quite marked - averages point nine plus of a second greater.
  8. Other lizards, like the Tokay Gecko from tropical Asia, are nocturnal, largely insectivorous and able to walk upside down, even on glass, by means of feet with special pads on the toe tips.
  9. Indeed, for this reason one can usefully add Mozart's Don Giovanni and Bizet's Carmen to the above list: the use (in land-locked, mountainous Salzburg) of a nocturnal seascape as the backdrop to Act III of Carmen was one of Karajan's strangest and yet most haunting intimations of eternity.
  10. Strictly nocturnal predators like the eagle owls can entirely miss a common rodent species if that species is diurnal, and in these cases the prey assemblage has an unbalanced species composition compared with the small mammal community actually present.
  11. On the other hand, the unpopularity of the Christians was also caused by unpleasant stories that at their nocturnal meetings they indulged in cannibalism and incest (charges easily explicable from misunderstandings of language about the eucharist).
  12. Although the night-time itching has been put down to the nocturnal habits of the mite, it is interesting that for the first few weeks of infestation, when the mites are presumably just as active, there are often no symptoms at all.
  13. Led by a man named William Shorter, the gang had begun as a small group of poachers, their nickname derived from their dark clothing and blacked up faces for nocturnal raids in the forest.

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