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Перевод: nod speek nod

кивок ; клевание носом; дремота ;
кивать головой; кивнуть; покивать; клевать носом; дремать; прозевать что-л.; наклоняться; качаться; покоситься; грозить обвалом


  1. Elisabeth glanced round the Hall and seeing Mitzi was looking in her direction indicated with a nod and a smile that she would.
  2. There was the faint, almost imperceptible nod.
  3. If Guardian members receive an average 520 for giving the nod to a plan to allow their society to remain a mutual - and to continue operating much as it has since the turn of the century - what price a vote to convert?
  4. A nod, a quick smile.
  5. King George III used every means to manipulate the House of Lords into throwing out the India Bill and in Lord Rosebery's rotund phrase: "The Peers, who yearned for lieutenancies or regiments; for stars or strawberry leaves; the prelates who sought a larger sphere of usefulness; the minions of the bedchamber and the janissaries of the closet; all, temporal or spiritual, whose convictions were unequal to their appetite, rallied to the royal nod."
  6. I nod and smile and just carry on brushing.
  7. A nod, and the deed is done.
  8. Anthea gave a cool nod of acknowledgement.
  9. With no more than a curt nod and a: "Come Phoebe!" she hooked her arm through her sister's and swept her from the kitchen.
  10. We have often found people will nod and agree to the principles but never put them into practice.
  11. High-energy physics is favoured, with a special nod to Stanford University.
  12. Give what I hope is curt nod, though double chins seem to go on flapping for ever.
  13. But more often they took the little leafy lane which led from Thrush Green to Upper Pleshy , Nod and Nidden, the lane that threaded half a dozen or more sleepy thatched villages, like hoary old beads upon its winding string, before it emerged upon the broad highway which led to Stratford-upon-Avon.

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