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Перевод: node speek node

узел ; узловой пункт; точка пересечения орбит; точка пересечения двух линий; нарост ; утолщение; колено


  1. This is most likely to occur in weak sappy growth that has grown fairly recently, like a flower stem, and where leaves on that stem have not yet had time to make the carbohydrates and store the energy in the storage cells of the node.
  2. For example, if the search is for the string chess, h is the 3rd bit of the 26 to be set, so follow the 3rd pointer of the 10 element array to reach the "h" node on the level below, and so on until the entire string is found, at the 2nd "s" node, where the word flag is set.
  3. This process is slow in unmyelinated fibres but quicker in myelinated ones, when the action potential is transmitted by jumps from node to node.
  4. In general, we find paths from J to 1 and I to 1 and then look for the first node k at which the paths meet ( k = 9 in the example).
  5. This combined traversal first collected all the paragraphs from links emanating from a node (this is the breadth-first part) and then chose the next node by a depth-first principle.
  6. In general, for a node i of the rth generation, we assign any node j ( ) not assigned to generations 1,, r , for which or is basic, to generation r + 1 and set P(j) = i This means that all the remaining nodes in our example are assigned to the third generation and P(3) = P(6) = 2, P(8) = 7.
  7. Each link object specifies some source node, link type, target node, pointers to paragraphs, and perhaps other attributes.
  8. Manchester University's Computing Centre will soon boast the largest single computational node in the UK when it replaces its VP1200 supercomputer with a VPX240/10 machine from Fujitsu Systems Business (Europe): it is the first Fujitsu VPX machine to be sold in the UK since launch last year's launch and features one scalar processor, one 2.5GFLOPS vector processor, 1Gb main memory, 1Gb of secondary memory; it is four times faster than the five-year-old system it is replacing and will be used for computational fluid dynamics and engineering research; delivery is planned for July; no price was given.
  9. We seated ourselves and he regarded us expectantly, so I opened with, "Can you tell me all about lymphomas and can I see a lymph node?"
  10. There is therefore no need to grow new branches from node 7.
  11. finally, the node information can be perturbed only once, which involves creating a node table into which the perturbed nodes are stored as they are read in, and from which they can be retrieved in later references to the same node.
  12. For every word ending in the letter sequence -ing, there is a separate set of three nodes in the tree, one for the i, which points to the node for the n, which in turn points to the node for the g.
  13. Since the proper title to print depends on the linear context, a more sophisticated system would note the path followed to a node and print the title which suited the context.

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