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Перевод: nodule speek nodule

узелок ; рудная почка; желвак ; конкреция ; друза [мин.] ; нарост на растении; кап ; узелковое утолщение; валун ; галька


  1. The specimen is preserved in a hard claystone nodule, which preserved the leaflets in relief.
  2. If the nodule develops into something resembling a small cauliflower then it could be lymphocystis, which is thought to be caused by a virus and is somewhat akin to warts.
  3. Recently the larger of the two has developed a white nodule on its chin.
  4. More significantly, he showed that glanders was a disease of the lungs, and that lung nodule material would produce glanders in another horse.
  5. A big black dry grainy nodule stuck itself unobligingly to her lashes.
  6. There is no danger to the fish unless the nodule affects it mechanically - for example, a cyst on the lip can impede feeding.
  7. with an orange nodule
  8. The fish is preserved in a siltstone nodule, which has partially formed around the body of the fish.
  9. The infection thread continues to grow through and between the host plant's root cells so that the bacteria in the infection thread are isolated and eventually released into the nodule cells.
  10. A government programme to encourage the exploitation of sulphide deposits might put the results of all that expensive research back to work again - but the question is whether the sulphide story will be a replay of the long and unproductive nodule saga.
  11. This fossil millipede is preserved inside a nodule of siltstone (part and counterpart of the specimen are shown).
  12. But many of the companies interested have a potentially redundant nodule mining technology on their hands.
  13. It is also indistinguishable from an age of 82.71.0Myr (ref. 14) obtained from low-U anhedral zircons contained within the matrix of a Bultfontein polymict peridotite nodule (BD 2666), but is slightly younger than the 91.21.4Myr average age of loose zircon megacrysts.

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