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Перевод: noise speek noise

шум ; гам ; крик ; галдеж ; гвалт ; толки ; разговоры ; звук ; грохот ; слух ; помеха ;
разглашать; распространять; обнародовать; шуметь; кричать


  1. The noise levels in hospitals in the USA seem to be similar.
  2. It assaults you with raw power, deafens you with engine and wind noise, roasts you in the stark cockpit.
  3. It was just as well, I thought, that the noise of the storm and the engines kept me from hearing what he said.
  4. Some admit they like it because the noise of hundreds of machines helps numb the mind after a hard day at work.
  5. A moving track brought to the platform, from the machine that was making the appalling noise, a series of boxes containing moulds shaped out of black sand (though Wilcox called it green).
  6. She whimpered as the noise filled her ears.
  7. Noise as reality effect:
  8. They usually moan when the engine is low on oil or if the oil relief valve plunger spring has gone weak This is mounted on the top of the oil cooler between the union and the pipe Removing the spring and replacing with a new one or sometimes stretching the spring cures the groaning noise Whilst the groan sounds awful it is not actually detrimental to the operation of the vehicle
  9. "And try not to make too much noise," said the man, treading softly on the planks.
  10. The noise is drums and violins, mopeds and horses and: "Madame, you want to buy?
  11. Where exterior noise sources such as aircraft are a problem, unless the roof is fully boarded, it is a good idea to line the underside the of the roof rafters either with oil-tempered hardboard or waterproof building paper to seal any gaps, and to board over the loft floor.
  12. Heedless of what noise she made now, she flew along the path as fast as she could go.
  13. Intended as a rough and ready hang-out, where Rourke and other tinseltown bikers could wear their leather and bandannas, it was actually situated in an upscale Beverly Hills mall, and was forced to close when locals complained about the noise made by those big Harleys and equally outsized Hollywood egos.

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