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Перевод: noisome speek noisome

зловонный; отвратительный; вонючий; скверный; вредный; нездоровый


  1. Every day for three weeks I'd be taken from my cell in the old colonial prison, from the cool, noisome darkness into the harsh day of Danu.
  2. For those few moments life seemed not to be quite the noisome beast it had become of late - the pale November sun was a warming coin in the palm, fear was forgotten, bloodshed cleansed away, losses solaced.
  3. The head man could get bitten, the tail man could get doused with noisome excreta - and if they both missed their grasp, then the middle man got both bad ends of the snake coming back at him at the same time.
  4. The children surged dogwards, with mingled shrieks of condolence and joy, only to be hurled back by my even higher-decibel commands not to venture o'er the noisome swamp, which I gallantly traversed to unwind the stupid restrainer from the poor dog's jaws, wondering the while if he'd take a justified revenge on the human race by biting me; which he didn't.
  5. It was not, of course, merely the noisome aspect which needed to be dealt with; Asiatic cholera made its appearance in 19th-century Europe because it found virtually Asiatic conditions in the open sewers and cesspits of the great cities.
  6. The person whose grass or corn is eaten down by the escaping cattle of his neighbour, or whose mine is flooded by the water from his neighbour's reservoir, or whose cellar is invaded by the filth of his neighbour's privy, or whose habitation is made unhealthy by the fumes and noisome vapours of his neighbour's alkali works, is damnified without any fault of his own; and it seems but reasonable and just that the neighbour, who has brought something on his own property which was not naturally there, harmless to others so long as it is confined to his own property, but which he knows to be mischievous if it gets on his neighbour's, should be obliged to make good the damage which ensues if he does not succeed in confining it to his own property.
  7. An odd move, to be sure, at a time when prices were falling - and in a rather smart street, too, where such a venture would not be guaranteed to make him instantly popular with the neighbours, as customers came in one door and noisome smells came out of another.
  8. The noisome dust-heaps represent enormous wealth, and the worship of wealth animates the Veneering circle with its traffic in shares, as it does Silas Wegg secretly investigating the dust-heaps, and even affects Bella Wilfer, who has to learn better before her marriage to the heir.
  9. Out of this noisome soil grew some of the funerary customs of the upper classes, which today strike us as so exaggerated.
  10. "I am not in the least amazed you have been discouraged by the noisome ambience of these apartments," she said, darting an evil glance towards her colleagues, "but I assure you we have more appealing accommodation elsewhere in our little establishment."
  11. Each verse was given an increasing number of translations, all in voice-over, and soon a babble arose, noisome to the ears, and a great confusion was made.
  12. However, undoubtedly the most extraordinary aspect of this grumbling against the tendency of the working class to assert its noisome presence in places where it clearly had no right to go, was to be found in the magnified excitements which surrounded the bicycle craze of the 1890s.
  13. My nose never smelt such noisome smells, and my eyes never beheld such ghastly spectacles".

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