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Перевод: noisy speek noisy

шумный; шумливый; галдящий; шумящий; кричащий (о цвете); яркий


  1. It would be too big and noisy and the teachers would hear him sawing during the night.
  2. The tyres are also noisy and thump.
  3. If a resident is bothered by a noisy plant he normally must persuade his local authority's environmental health department to take action which, if friendly persuasion fails, end up ultimately in the magistrates court.
  4. The programme didn't work particularly well, it was pretentious and chaotic, and the audience was so noisy you couldn't hear the performers or the presenters, but it did try to get away from conventional gender roles as well as subvert the arts programme format.
  5. The owners are forced to admit honestly that they are having their cats' sex organs cut out for purely selfish reasons - to make them less restless, noisy and, in the case of toms, less smelly and belligerent in the mating seasons.
  6. As its noisy buzzing faded they heard Jack whistling to Floss, far away.
  7. Supporters of General Michel Aoun, staged noisy street protests in the Christian enclave.
  8. So here, too, is a noisy engine, but in this application its workmanlike character is not inappropriate.
  9. He recommended retreats in a noisy world, and gave a beautiful description of their purpose.
  10. There was to be no "acting tough or noisy ill-discipline"; toughness was to be reserved for the enemy.
  11. It seemed that I was asleep for just a few minutes when I was awakened by some noisy bastard shouting into the trench.
  12. If the sessions are done in the home, family or friends will be asked to be reasonably quiet, and not to turn the radio or television up, or have noisy conversations.
  13. A "Mad Lab" boasts a host of "flashing, gyrating, noisy" science-based gadgets, with something for every visitor to take home, and a boomerang workshop promises a prize for the "best returner".

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