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Перевод: nominate speek nominate

выставлять; предлагать кандидата; выдвигать кандидата; выставлять кандидатуру; назначать на должность; назначать; именовать; называть


  1. For this reason above all others she had come very close to declining Philip Swallow's proposal to nominate her for the Shadow Scheme.
  2. I wish therefore to nominate this uniformed halfwit for a Jobsworth Award (First Class).
  3. The secretary was directed to write to the Master of the Horse, asking leave to nominate him as president of the College at the forthcoming general meeting.
  4. He announced his intention to nominate, as the new Administrator of the agency, William Ruckelshaus, the man who served as its first Administrator from 1970 to 1973.
  5. He intended "to nominate some gentlemen who were not connected with engineering or architecture and to associate with them others having a thorough knowledge of those professions".
  6. The twelve forest parishes were to continue to nominate reeves for appointment by the Conservators, and the reeves to mark commoners' cattle, receive the fees therefor, and impound uncommonable cattle.
  7. The hitter would then nominate the number of strides he needed to fetch the pig.
  8. In early 1966 Hayes was asked to nominate any prisoners he felt should be transferred to these new secure prisons.
  9. "Who shall I nominate then?" says Philip Swallow plaintively.
  10. The LEA is able, however, to nominate teacher employees for consideration by a particular governing body.
  11. He was also to obtain the first formal recognition from the pope of the right of the crown to nominate holders of major benefices, before the kings of either France or Spain; and he indulged grandiose dreams of annexing continental territories.
  12. In an attempt to get away from Lord Rothschild's stereotype, he trawled the country for new names, although it was not until 1980 that people were able to write in to nominate themselves.
  13. I would most definitely nominate Trevor Sorbie".

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