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Перевод: nominee speek nominee

кандидат, предложенный или выдвинутый на какую-л. должность на выборах


  1. Letters of nomination should include the name and address of the nominee, together with a brief statement proposing why the award should be given.
  2. Erm Mary indicated at the last executive that she wants to retire from C H C and she would like Pauline to take her place, have you an nomina, a nominee from here?
  3. So far Mr Jackson has not endorsed Mr Brown, but he has left the impression he would accept an invitation to be on the ticket if the former governor of California beats exceedingly long odds to become the Democrats' White House nominee.
  4. MADONNA is being tipped as an Oscar nominee for her role in her new film Body Of Evidence, which will be released in Britain next March.
  5. Victoria was not one to yield up the authority of the Crown too readily and continued throughout her reign to assert it on occasion, such as objecting to the appointment of the nominee of a Prime Minister to a Ministry where she found him personally objectionable.
  6. Artur Greisser, a Nazi and the Danzig nominee on the Harbour Board, went to the office of one of the Polish engineers on the Board and threatened him with a revolver.
  7. As soon as the new government recommends a qualified candidate, Panamanian, to be administrator of the canal, as called for in the treaties, I will submit this nominee to the senate for expedited consideration," Mr Bush said yesterday.
  8. The nominee summons the meeting, giving notice to every creditor.
  9. It must provide for a nominee to act as the IVA's trustee or supervisor.
  10. Nominations must be in writing, signed by not fewer than the required number of signatories, and incorporate (or be accompanied by) a signed declaration by the nominee that he or she is willing to serve.
  11. Even if appliances appear to be in good order, allow for the cost of immediate testing and servicing by the Gas Board, CORGI registered contractor or, in the case of oil, the oil company's nominee, as soon as you move in.
  12. My nominee for the non-sport of the future is one which I used to watch on television regularly.
  13. The president could dissolve the parliament and call a new election if it refused to confirm his nominee for prime minister, or if there were a "crisis of state".

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