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Перевод: nondescript speek nondescript

неопределенного вида; трудноопределимый; неописуемый; ранее не описанный; невзрачный;
человек или предмет неопределенного вида


  1. SIR - After watching the England soccer team's drab display in Prague, I am tempted to say that if the FA send them out in a nondescript kit, their performance will mirror their appearance.
  2. It's not surprising that Koons began his career as a salesman, selling memberships for the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the late Seventies, following a stint of art school in Baltimore and a relatively nondescript youth in a small Pennsylvania town, where he listened to Led Zeppelin and "chased after women".
  3. Mayor Houde made his business headquarters at the Mount Royal, and when I enquired the reason for a long queue of nondescript citizens waiting before a desk on the mezzanine floor, I was told that it was "pay-off" day for contributors to the mayor's "charity fund" for their "protection".
  4. They are thought to make each zebra feel it belongs more strongly to its group than it would do if its colours were nondescript or dull.
  5. Much too vivid; my dreams are always so nondescript I always forget them, you know that."
  6. Whether enough other Labour hopefuls win through in the ring of nondescript suburban and outer-London seats may ultimately depend on whether voters are more impressed by Labour's dismal record in the city, or by its attractive and well-packaged promises.
  7. Caddis flies are rather nondescript, drab brown insects, which most of us fail to notice as they fly rather clumsily over rivers.
  8. It is the sole building of good quality in this predominantly commercial and rather nondescript part of the town.
  9. The farmhouse was rather nondescript.
  10. The sitting room sofas were a nondescript grey, dotted with cigarette burns and stained with a grimy black line at head level.
  11. And caddis larvae are anything but nondescript.
  12. "Those nondescript spots and blotches of fur and feathers are the wildlife we tend to see most often," he writes.
  13. In truth, he was very much smitten by Sarah at the time and he would scarcely have noticed the rather nondescript little sister who fell passionately in love that day.

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