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Перевод: none speek none

совсем не; вовсе не; нисколько;
никто; ни один; ничто; никакой


  1. None of us did anything; we sat there silently watching, deferring to his competence.
  2. None of us have ever forgotten about that, you know."
  3. None of the others did."
  4. He very much admired the poetry of Ebenezer Elliott, the Corn Law Rhymer, that is, a poet who helped to lead the opposition to the laws which kept the price of bread artificially high, and said "None of us have done better than he has at his best".
  5. When the people stopped and turned, their socks and shoes full of muddy water, they were rewarded with a sight none of them would ever forget.
  6. Here there is none of the numbing of awareness characteristic of plain selfishness.
  7. And now none from Miss Henrietta, whose untidy hand she knew so well.
  8. There are indeed good candidates from Africa, but none has a continental right to the inside track.
  9. None delighted Palace supporters more than the hat-trick he scored on the opening day of 1935-;36, to enable the Palace to beat Cardiff City 3-;2 - and Palace record-keepers will wish to note that this is the only occasion upon which a Palace winger has netted a hat-trick on the first day of the season.
  10. None were too serious, though he had lost much blood.
  11. It is very near to all of us, she thought, we are none of us free from the threat.
  12. There's none of the dazzling leaps or appalling lapses that gave previous albums a dynamic range.
  13. Earlier reports that Chancellor Kohl had suggested delaying fixing the date for a special EC conference on monetary union for a year had led to a stark and none too veiled warning from the President of the European Commission, Mr Jacques Delors, that this might plunge EC relations with West Germany "into a serious crisis".

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