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Перевод: nonexistence speek nonexistence

небытие; нечто несуществующее


  1. Fragmentation would reduce our influence to virtual nonexistence.
  2. Mention has been made as to the nonexistence of an allocation for housing and as to the suitability of this forum for consideration of the effect which would take place of development with or without the existing allocation.
  3. Citing mathematical probabilities clearly does not establish the nonexistence of extraterrestrial being.
  4. These constraints arise from the non-existence of a perfect annuity market and the nonexistence of perfect rental and mortgage markets.
  5. In an appendix he adverts to an article in which an alternative view was proposed; however, he addresses none of the very real objections to the "high pitch" theory evinced there, not least the demonstrable nonexistence of the over-age "super-trebles" needed to sing the highest voice.

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