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Перевод: nonpayment

неуплата ; неплатеж


  1. The exporter's main obligation is to ensure the documents of title and bill of exchange(s) are in order, as any discrepancies may result in nonpayment or acceptance by the confirming bank.
  2. In the housing field there are areas where officials; may become aware of the existence of people with dementia because of nonpayment of rent, anti-social behaviour, poor standard of upkeep of the house.
  3. I had just received a telephone call from the barracks which informed me that officials from Horseferry Road magistrates court had phoned demanding to see me about nonpayment of fines.
  4. "The only event of default in relation to the subordinated debt is nonpayment of principal or interest.
  5. include: memory changes behavioural changes incapacity to deal with financial matters pandering aggression paranoia damage to property (fire, flooding) lack of cleanliness or hygiene 3. identification may be made by: concerned family or friends caring or complaining neighbours housing officials (required to deal with antisocial behaviour or nonpayment of rent) police environmental health officers health professionals social worker lawyer creditors (eg private landlords) 3.4 There is a need to raise the general level of awareness of the general public and all professional groups about dementia.
  6. Such an event might result in the new government being unwilling or unable to service external debt, including bank loans, i.e. nonpayment of interest and/or the principal sum loaned.
  7. Council staff say that although there has been a general increase in nonpayment in the region most non-payers are on the electoral roll.
  8. QC has agreed to chair a working party to consider how best we can provide for effective sanctions for the nonpayment of subscriptions.
  9. It had been prepared originally by the secret society he had joined two years earlier after being forced off his own rice lands for nonpayment of taxes, and he had copied it out dozens of times already in trying to win new recruits for the society in remote jungle villages far from Saigon.
  10. Fortunately, the expertise of bankers and the compliance of most traders with agreed international procedures keeps disputes and nonpayment to a minimum.
  11. He said Munn got involved in the plan after meeting two men in a pub in Belfast and "bemoaning" he could not afford his car insurance after a court appearance for nonpayment.
  12. The professional membership figure is 33 182. 1626 members were removed for nonpayment of subscriptions.
  13. In the event of nonpayment of the interest or principal on this debt, the lenders have the right to require the sale of the property and will be paid all the sale proceeds up to the amount of the debt but have no other rights against the company."

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