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Перевод: nonstop speek nonstop

безостановочный; беспосадочный; без перерыва;
безостановочно; без остановок;
безостановочный пробег; поезд или автобус, идущий без остановок


  1. Developers will get early access to Pioneer Software's complete suite of ODBC drivers, which support over 20 personal computer and SQL databases - Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, dBase Ingres, Paradox, DB2, SQL/400, Btrieve, OS/2 Data Base Manager, Informix, NetWare SQL, Excel, Progress, SQLBase, XDB, SQL/DS, Tandem Computers Inc NonStop SQL, Teradata, text files, HP Allbase/SQL and HP Image/SQL and gateways to IBM's DDCS/2, Micro Decisionware, and Sybase NetGateway.
  2. Now she has swapped all that for a nonstop international round of meetings, negotiations, lectures, media appearances.
  3. Italian pilot Mario Mazzucchelli is planning an attempt to fly around the world nonstop, passing over both Poles, and doing it solo .
  4. Despite giving Wynne this nonstop array of almost magical material it was not until late 1962, after the Cuban crisis was over, that both Penkovsky and Wynne were arrested by the KGB.
  5. "When asked why he chose to test his cars by driving them nonstop, the 600 miles to Scotland and back, W O explained that it was illuminating to drive a car when tired: all its faults would scream out at you."
  6. Hissing nonstop, "Ssst, ssst.
  7. The festival film to end them all, nonstop music and a million people stoned out of their skulls.
  8. Storage Technology Corp's automated tape libraries can now be directly attached to Tandem Computers Inc NonStop Cyclone and CLX 800 boxes.
  9. All day Coleman sat in a hot studio staring at one picture and maintaining hours of nonstop commentary to out-Dimbleby the best of them.
  10. Preliminary performance specifications announced at Farnborough by Gulfstream President and CEO William C. Lowe include a maximum operating Mach number of 0.90, an initial cruising altitude of 43,000 feet, certificated service ceiling of 51,000 feet, and an NBAA IFR range with maximum fuel, eight passengers, cruising at Mach 0.80, of 6,300 nautical miles, making nonstop journeys possible between London - Honolulu, London - Singapore, Los-Angeles - Moscow or New York - Tokyo, for example.
  11. One whale was heard singing nonstop for at least 22 hours.
  12. But Souness was well satisfied with his 2.2million capture Paul Stewart, whose display of nonstop aggression in Wembley's strength-sapping humidity suggested the huge outlay will pay rich dividends.
  13. The price includes en-suite accommodation, chalet maid service, nonstop entertainment, swimming pools, sports facilities and planned activities for children of all ages.

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