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Перевод: nook speek nook

укромный уголок; убежище; приют ; глухое место; удаленное место; закоулок ; укромный закоулок; угол ; бухточка


  1. More easily comprehensible is the enormous success Wilcox enjoyed in the following year with Rookery Nook (1930), the first of the Ben Travers farces he brought to the screen.
  2. She had found herself in the safe nook between Fenna's sail-like wing and the crenellated and fantastic fortress of his spine.
  3. If vacating the somewhat restricted nook of the Eagle's Nest is achieved by a semi-layback movement on good holds (and it is), the very last move on the ever-sharpening blade is quite different.
  4. Contact: Granger's Ltd, Grange Close, Clover Nook Industrial Park, South Normanton, Derbyshire DE55 4QT.
  5. If your drill and driver bits manage to hide in every nook and cranny of your tool box, and you can never find just the size you want, when you want it, perhaps it's time you got organised, with a set of drill and driver bits in their very own case.
  6. He knows exactly what it's like to have to keep an eye open in every dark, steamy nook and cranny for cancer squatters.
  7. In such a quiet and surrounded nook,
  8. Passiflora caerulea (The hardiest specified with blue and green flowers, but try the pink P. antioquiensis for a sheltered nook.)
  9. And merciless ravage: and the shady nook
  10. Start with the beginning of this decade if you like, when the one and only Muhammad Ali personally escorted me round every nook and cranny of his Deer Lake log-cabin home.
  11. Mr Bell, schoolmaster at the time of the flood, described the scene: "The water forced its way across the Nook and made its way down Back Street.
  12. The stadium was packed beyond capacity; in every nook and cranny people crammed together, standing four deep on the walkways and filling the steps between the seats.
  13. He had no notion of how to create, channel or exploit the frustrations of this retrograde and embarrassing nook of dismantled empire.

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