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Перевод: noon speek noon

полдень ; зенит ; расцвет ; полночь


  1. Morning, noon and night, demand, demand, demand!
  2. She expected Lucy to head for their office: no one else was ever in before noon on the top floor.
  3. By noon, he could hardly stand, let alone tramp over the moor, and he stumbled about, muttering away in Gaelic, complaining about working for a bunch of foreigners who had usurped his rightful King.
  4. A black cleaning woman backed away from a door, a mop in her hand, and a complete family came outside, moving awkwardly with suitcases, uneasy in a place where they charge you more money if you stay past noon.
  5. Sandison could not be sure how much Maidstone had had to drink that day - it was still a few minutes before noon - but he knew that he was sober enough to understand fully what was going on.
  6. The Parliament Programme , produced by ITN, reports the previous day's proceedings on Channel 4 each day at 12 noon, for 30 minutes.
  7. repayment can be arranged by phone up to 12 noon on any working day
  8. Thiercelin sat amidst the rubble of the chateau of Sokolnitz, which since noon had been French once again.
  9. The ladies held an "At Home" (tea and bridge, paid for by the Club), to encourage more golf, and they secured the men's agreement that a fire be lit in the lounge by noon every cold day.
  10. "I've walked from Glasgow since noon. "
  11. Yes, here was Hatton's entry that he had been too ill to start the return journey until noon.
  12. The 1987 election marked the high noon of the government of Margaret Thatcher.
  13. Well before noon, beside a small church whose roof sagged under clumps of grass and willow-herb, they came to the bridge over to Grandtully and looked across at the dense little settlement, lumpish houses made of undressed river boulders with brown smoke streaming through their heather thatch, hovels of branches littered through the trees, a few solid cottages with level roof-trees.

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