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Перевод: nor.

номера ; числа


  1. "Nor has Tory, have you Tory?" he presented the girl, a golden-haired child with the high colouring of a Joshua Reynolds portrait.
  2. The source of these difficulties is not the campaign of opposition waged by the British Medical Association, nor is it an incipient revolt among backbench MPs.
  3. Nor is France responding to pressure to take American troops if they leave Germany.
  4. Neither the price nor any other characteristic of the transport system enters into it.
  5. Although neither very efficient nor popular with the other staff, Cabon made herself useful and soon had the run of the office and was able to look at all the files, amongst which she found one relating to the proposed voyage of the Rainbow Warrior into the nuclear test area.
  6. He complained that there was no root of Veratrum to replace one lost nor of the various martagons which he had found so slow to mature from seed in England.
  7. "I never did trust that new Mayor Mutton nor none of his creatures neither," said she.
  8. When St Paul declared that in Christ there is neither rich nor poor, bond nor free, man nor woman, he was precisely not advocating egalitarian taxation, equal rights or the abolition of slavery.
  9. This Gotteschalk, a precursor of Luther, even to renouncing his Vows, might be thought in his intransigent predestinarian vision to figure some of the later Evangelicals of our day, and Neighbour Pliable perhaps a satire upon those like myself, who believe that Christianity does not consist in the idolatrous presence of the Deity in a piece of bread, nor yet in the five points of metaphysic faith.
  10. Neither Morgan nor Engels denied that he had no direct evidence at all for this first primeval stage of total promiscuity.
  11. But no classical temple had such a gap, nor was the cult image visible from outside; it was enclosed by a wall in the sanctuary or cella of the temple.
  12. Neither the religion of the school chapel, nor the religion of a puritan church, satisfied.
  13. Nor should we underestimate the health problems of later life.

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