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Перевод: norm speek norm

норма ; критерий ; образец ; стандарт ; норматив


  1. Then, the basic result is that a new solution of the source-free equations, depending on an arbitrary real parameter x , is given by (12.23) where (12.24) It can be seen that f and g are respectively the norm and twist potential of the Killing field.
  2. Dry bread was the norm.
  3. In this way the private benefits of the small family norm, it was hoped, would be adopted.
  4. Popular music's "standard hit" three minutes long remained the norm for nearly a century, and was only liberated by the "twelve-inch single".
  5. The pattern repeats itself throughout the Welsh uplands and appears to be the norm in the UK uplands generally.
  6. When comprehensive schools became the norm there was still no serious attempt to rethink the curriculum or the values incorporated within it.
  7. The JWG assumed a model of the intact family (mother, father, and children) as the norm.
  8. The only inconvenience of the original interior was that the bedrooms all led into one another (just as they had always done in houses past: passages were only deemed essential when the segregation of servants became the norm in the eighteenth century); but this was overcome by making a gallery and rearranging the staircase.
  9. It seemed that mortalities were the norm and survivals were very rare.
  10. In Europe broods of three to six are the norm.
  11. Yet again, Crystal Palace polo provided superb entertainment and with, thankfully, a general lack of penalty shootouts, instead open and attacking play were the norm.
  12. A salesman whose last two months' returns fall below the required norm may be thought to be failing, until one knows that this is the first time that it has happened in five years.
  13. These charges seemed to be validated by a comparison with other contemporary courts, such as that of Russia or Austria, where a more traditional pattern of behaviour and etiquette was the fossilized norm.

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