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Перевод: normalcy speek normalcy

нормальность ; обычное состояние


  1. For, as the testing progressed, so my life outside of the sessions began to acquire the lineaments of a normalcy I had never felt before.
  2. This is an area only recently receiving attention, increasingly by using statistical tests for "normalcy": such studies should bring some objectivity to the assumptions which tend to be made at the moment about the character of individual or groups of hoards.
  3. In this respect it seems unlikely that successive governments were given the opportunity to return to normalcy in the manner which they wished.
  4. People who visit always seem astonished by the normalcy of the life of the vast majority of the people most of the time.
  5. The unsophisticated and desperate ones brazened it out by maintaining a facade of affluence or normalcy by borrowing.
  6. From the outset he was at odds with the Conservatives, nominally his own party, who increasingly saw the return to normalcy, along with the need to return to the governmental conventions of party politics of the pre-war era, as the top priority.
  7. Harding's election appeal was a call for normalcy: America's present need is not heroics, but healings; not nostrums but normalcy.
  8. In the longer term the failure of the National Coalition, and the Conservative and Labour governments in the 1920s, to create the "home fit for heroes", turned some towards more radical solutions for Britain's problems than the return to normalcy and safety-first politics of what Mosley was to call the old gangs of British politics.
  9. Were the defeats of the coal strike/lock-out and the General Strike vital in permitting the Government to return to the political economy of normalcy, which was referred to in Chapter 1?
  10. BRITISH hopes of returning to normalcy in negotiations with China over the future of Hong Kong appeared to have been thwarted yesterday as the 14th round of Sino-British talks ended with only limited signs of progress.
  11. It shows a return to "normalcy" in its ending which is in fact a send-up and suggests an integral flimsiness and instability to reality itself.

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