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  1. I would, therefore, suggest that consent is to be explained by reference to its purported normative consequences only.
  2. India's long-established conservation and forestry programmes are well documented in terms of plans and normative statements about the future, but lack evaluations.
  3. This public model was, in a sense, a normative ideal for many managers.
  4. The very activity is also an expression of faith in the tradition, of a willingness to understand oneself and the world in its terms and to carry on the argument, which in the area with which we are concerned is inescapably a normative argument, within the general framework defining the tradition.
  5. Having slipped in this normative bias, Plekhanov goes on to consider whether a series of accidents might not change the course of history.
  6. In rural communities, pressures to conform to a fixed structure of normative obligations were strong, since most people's livelihood depended upon remaining within the family unit.
  7. This is so even though explicit reference to the law is rarely, if ever, made, since the law establishes the pattern with which other normative principles, to which the doctor may more readily refer - his professional code of ethics, his or society's code of morality - by and large conform.
  8. Logique du sens causes us to reflect on matters that philosophy has neglected for many centuries: the event (assimilated in a concept, from which we vainly attempted to extract it in the form of a fact , verifying a proposition, of actual experience , a modality of the subject, of concreteness , the empirical content of history); and the phantasm (reduced in the name of reality and situated at the extremity, the pathological pole, of a normative sequence: perception-image-memory-illusion).
  9. If some biological constraint can rule out, or make unrealistic, some normative practice or institution, then knowledge of it may not only encourage us to decline that practice if it is suggested, but may also contribute an explanation of why human communities do not in general display that practice or institution.
  10. For, although there was an absolute past, it was normative and was not regarded as receding.
  11. it will change the normative situation of another;
  12. We have used the concept to mean the processes whereby specific social groups, in our case elderly people, come to be defined and categorized, and have characteristics attributed to them, which then become normative.
  13. "Consent" means consent to a change in the normative situation of another - to a change in his rights and duties.

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