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Перевод: northward speek northward

обращенный на север; расположенный к северу от;
к северу; на север;
северное направление


  1. by the N.N.E. striking Gifhorn Trough which lies in the northward continuation of the Hessen trough as part of the Mediterranean -Mjsen Zone.
  2. Northward I wander in dreams to Yun, Southward I search for Yuye
  3. Originally used by Suess (1886), who visualised a sharp tectonic front marked by northward thrusting over a relatively undeformed foreland, the term "Variscan Front" is ambiguous, having conflicting meanings for different authors in various areas.
  4. Northward, the edges of Eldfell are startlingly coloured with the browns, reds and oranges of burnt rock.
  5. Despite Augustine's mission to Kent in 597, the Christian message had not penetrated the Weald, turning northward instead to the realms of more important kings.
  6. Very simply, persistent high pressure over eastern Australia and across to New Zealand has blocked the passage of rain-bearing low pressure systems and their associated cold fronts northward out of the Antarctic (Figure 2).
  7. At outcrop from Cornwall to Somerset and South Wales it is possible to distinguish five zones characterised by successive northward decreases in their degree of metamorphism and deformation, and in their deformation ages.
  8. To the north the Celts were arising in central Europe, chiefly expanding northward, but also crossing the Alps to replace the Golasecca culture around the lakes and founding the Gaulish city of Mediolanum, so called because of its position in the centre of the Lombardy plain.
  9. To his left ran a modest lane which meandered northward to several small villages.
  10. Then we continued northward, past Yeats' Drumcliff and Mountbatten's Classybawn Castle out on its headland.
  11. In all of South America it is only in the southern, non-tropical, waters of Argentina and Chile, in the northern parts of the Guyanas, and in the northward and westward flowing rivers of the Andean cordilleras that we find more neutral and alkaline conditions.
  12. And, with hindsight, it is not too much of a surprise that the whole hemisphere can be affected before the dust veil spreads northward out of the tropics.
  13. At the eastern end of the Brentford Road was Stamford Brook Lane, turning northward and Chiswick Lane leading southward to Mawson Lane and the riverside houses opposite to the Eyot (or Ait), in turn leading back to St. Nicholas Church, Fishermen's Place and Church Street, at the other end of which was Pages Yard and Lord Burlington's Lane, with Chiswick Square on the south side and Hogarth Lane extending from that end of Mawson Lane, linking Little Sutton with that area via Barrowgate Lane.

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