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Перевод: northwest speek northwest

к северо-западу; на северо-запад;
северо-запад ; норд-вест


  1. Disablement Advisory Service: 0742 739190; Northwest SEMERC: 061 627 4469; Aids to Communication in Education: 0865 63508; Computer Centre for Disabled People: 071 911 5000; David Axford's helpline: 0428 656438 (6-7pm only).
  2. Only one part of the UK appears to have so far escaped: the northwest Highlands and Islands.
  3. Of great local importance are military establishments, especially the garrison in Benbecula which services the NATO rocket and missile firing range on the northwest coast of South Uist.
  4. In Lewis, machair is a small percentage of the total area and it occurs in a variety of forms; small bayhead units, larger east coast elements north of Stornoway, complex beaches and strands in the southwest at Uig and semi-continuous expanses between Barvas and Ness on the northwest coast.
  5. The hardest task for his subordinates is to decide what the phrase (now often shortened to NWO and not to be confused with the airline that used to be called Northwest Orient) might mean.
  6. At the present time Aran Onshore Ltd. and its partners are exploring an area in the Northwest Basin straddling the border with the Republic of Ireland, while Anvil Petroleum and Energy Sources (N.l.) hold licences in the Rathlin Basin in north Antrim and north Londonderry.
  7. Bill Chandler, of the Batelle Memorial Institute's Pacific Northwest Laboratory in Washington DC, has been instrumental in this initiative.
  8. These aspects were however briefly treated in an earlier review by Teichmller and Teichmller (1981) which discussed the relative depth - maturity relationships for four Carboniferous coal basins in northwest Germany and the effect of intrusive heating on vitrinite profiles over the Bramische Massif.
  9. In this case the misgivings appear to be unfounded, but it does highlight the need for adequate controls on such experiments, both from a national and international perspective, since it is always possible that genetic engineering firms, which are now proliferating in the USA, Japan and northwest Europe, will turn to those, usually developing countries, where regulations are not as strict as those of, for example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA.
  10. Northwest France.
  11. But the Dutch airline has had to agree to reduce its 400m investment in NorthWest to about 175m, or about a quarter of the equity involved in the takeover being led by Los Angeles businessman Al Checchi.
  12. It is acute in the Loess Plateau which occupies 530 000 km 2 of north and central China where fine-grained silts derived by wind erosion from the deserts of Mongolia and northwest China were deposited during the Tertiary and Quaternary periods.
  13. Pressure on available land ensured that less productive animals were culled regularly and the combination of these factors, along with what seems to be a natural milkiness among the lowland cattle of northwest Europe, produced dairy stock of the highest quality.

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