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Перевод: nostalgia speek nostalgia

тоска по родине; ностальгия ; тоска по прошлому


  1. Was it a scene which in later years I would look at with nostalgia, even longing?
  2. While the lovely voice of Juliet Stevenson uttered sounds like "Eurgah!" in tones of ecstatic nostalgia, the film illustrated the point with scenes in sepia slow-mo of hunter-gatherers stalking antelope.
  3. It was not just a reason to indulge in nostalgia; though the tradition was basically the same as it had always been, except that in the past the people had walked further in the processions.
  4. She was not writing of slum life so as to shock the reader, or even indulging in nostalgia so as to entertain.
  5. As far as the perks of the job are concerned, Haslam looks back at his ICI days with a certain amount of nostalgia.
  6. Phoebe lying on her bed in her mother's house in north London, asked herself with a sudden rush of nostalgia.
  7. Second-year units take up specific issues such as nostalgia for lost innocence and order, the literature of political commitment, the relationship between artistic form and cultural change, and the significant emergence of women as producers of literature.
  8. The name Empire Flying-boat rings with nostalgia and is linked forever with exotic destinations, superb food, attentive service and surfing to a halt on one of Africa's great lakes or the brilliant waters of a tropical sea.
  9. Salim is now homeless in the sense that he has shed an old tendency to nostalgia: "the idea of going home, of leaving, the idea of the other place", he takes to be weakening and destructive.
  10. Eliminate nostalgia.
  11. Inspired by their octogenarian leaders' nostalgia, fashion designers are promising a return to the austere clothing of the 1950s, now hailed as the high-water mark of the revolutionary tradition of "bitter struggle and hard living".
  12. Their interpretation lacked soul, the dying fall of nostalgia and the abandon of passion being supplanted by a more relaxed air of complicity.
  13. In Emily Carew's presence he was kind and polite and remarkably subdued, listening with infinite patience when she lapsed into wistful nostalgia as she recalled the days when Carewscourt was the centre of social activity in this part of Mayo.

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