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  1. When I took a rolled-up sample of legal tender, printed by the Royal Mint, applied one end to my right nostril, placed a restraining finger upon my left nostril, rested the other end of the said note upon a mirror or any other shiny reflective surface, upon which was displayed a slender tranche or "line" of exotic Colombian snuff, and breathed in as deeply as my lungs would allow, I was merely relaxing in a manner by no means untypical amongst overworked show-business operatives.
  2. He could see every eyeball, every nostril.
  3. Nostril
  4. When Kalchu pulled it up again there was blood trickling from its nostril.
  5. "The Indies side of things, perhaps," Dr Plumb suggested in the following pause while he tapped snuff on to the back of his hand, sniffed delicately with each nostril and sneezed hugely.
  6. If your right nostril, thumb, rib cage or knee feels the same as the left one, then you can relax, confident that the machine is OK.
  7. These vary from the softest gentle breathing-in noise of nostril to nostril getting acquainted, through sniffs, snorts, whinnies, sighs, groans, neighs, squeals, to the ringing roar of a stallion calling a mare, and screams of rage.
  8. A mare checks her foal by smelling it; and horses check the acceptability of each other by nostril to nostril sniffing; they even check us over too.
  9. He had two spoons, one for each nostril, and handed the vial back.
  10. Its breathing was too light to move the flanks, so I'd go over sometimes and put the back of my hand to its nostril until I could feel the heat as it exhaled.
  11. Her left pupil is horribly dilated and blood trickles from one nostril and her hair.
  12. Overgrown hair stuffed into a baseball cap, gold stud winking in her left nostril, face unblemished by make-up.

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