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Перевод: nosy speek nosy

носатый; длинноносый; обладающий хорошим чутьем; обладающий тонким обонянием; любопытный; пронырливый; дурно пахнущий; сопревший; ароматный


  1. That was to stop him asking nosy questions, like how old you was.
  2. Being the nosy type, I thought I'd pick his brains.
  3. A pallid sun appeared like a nosy neighbour spying from behind lace curtains.
  4. We keep ourselves to ourselves, Joan and I. There was a frightful nosy American in the summer who just turned up out of the blue and told us how honoured we must be, having the old bat's relics up here.
  5. And if that nosy old constable asks about petrol, I shall tell him it's an emergency.
  6. Nosy Salt could find a pin between floorboards!
  7. Royal reporters have been speculating on a new pregnancy for years, and members of the public have been no less nosy.
  8. Nosy old so-and-so!"
  9. Nosy .
  10. He could be more personal now that he didn't have to go through a nosy newspaper office.
  11. My favourites are the nosy parker whose computer opens curtains whenever anyone passes her window, and computerised bath that finds the lost soap.
  12. How, she wondered, might she look in without seeming nosy?
  13. She couldn't really remember anything, only that she had been knitting and then she had woken up in this bed with her nosy, bossy sister sitting beside her.

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