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Перевод: notched speek notched

зубчатый; зазубренный


  1. She was half of the dreadlock duo, Haysi Fantayzee, which notched up a couple of Top Twenty hits in the early Eighties: "John Wayne is Big Leggy" and "Shinny Shinny".
  2. Wrides also had examples of turning swords into ploughshares for bayonets had been hinged into notched steel bases for sale as very effective firewood splitters.
  3. Watkins knew of the Chin tracks in India which follow the most direct line between villages regardless of gradient; the straight camel tracks of Palestine, sighted on tree clumps on ridges, notched where the line went through; and the skyline cairns of Egypt set up as landmarks for caravans.
  4. If I'd been the archer, I thought, I would have been waiting in position, crouched and camouflaged, endlessly patient, arrow notched on bow.
  5. When, for example, money was paid into the Royal Exchequer, a stick was notched and split into two parts, payer and payee retaining one each.
  6. They approached him at a steady pace as though unconcerned by his presence, but they went in single file, Allen with his hand lying lightly on the knife at his belt and Marian carrying her bow, strung, and with an arrow ready notched, lightly and inconspicuously in her left hand.
  7. Then, in the race Jackie refers to above, the only time the car was his passenger, at the Nrburgring, again in pouring rain, Jackie scored one of the most remarkable victories ever notched up, winning by something over four minutes from Graham Hill.
  8. The consumer and corporate finance division kept a check on bad debt difficulties, and notched up a small profit increase to 62m.
  9. Nimble and sprightly, Peter was the ideal foil to his colleague, big Cliff Holton, who also notched up 20 goals for us in that 31 d Division season.
  10. Allen's success was noted by Terry Yorath, the Wales manager, who also commented favourably on Mark Bowen, who notched the 88th-minute consolation goal after Graeme Rutjes and Johnny Bosman had put The Netherlands two goals up.
  11. We have not won any Oscars, but the majority of our recommendations notched up gains of between 20% and 60%.
  12. Last year's mission also notched up a significant horticultural success.
  13. His first signings were The Shop Assistants, whom he helped sign to Chrysalis after they notched up several hits in the independent charts.

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