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Перевод: nourishment speek nourishment

питание; пища ; поддержка


  1. They caress him and speak, they offer him nourishment, warmth, sanctuary; but none of them has seen Zambia Crevecoeur.
  2. Very Theatre National Populaire - the noble soup kitchen of theatrical nourishment at Chaillot created by a saint of the Left, Jean Vilar; probably the most successful example in French cultural life of persuading the hoi polloi to vary their entertainment diet.
  3. Against those iconoclasts who would rid life of all images in the name of religion, he sees repudiation of art as acceptable for the extreme ascetic, but, if universally applied, as starving the spiritual soil of nourishment.
  4. A girl of twelve turned her face to the wall, refused all nourishment, and so passed away.
  5. The basis for the easy triumphs which had over and again given new nourishment to the "Hitler myth" was gone, even if trust in the Fhrer was still generally strong.
  6. Thus we commend the Bible to be read by the Churches and by Christian families in their homes, as nourishment for their souls, and not to be separated from the sacrament in the liturgy; we commend modern translations, into the various languages, as a help to understanding; we commend the people who have the duty of seeking to interpret the Bible in terms of the modern scientific view of the world; and remind the Churches that all knowledge is of God and therefore that scientific discovery is also part of His work; and so the world will be brought to know God as its Maker, and the Cross as timeless.
  7. Starved of emotional nourishment from that quarter, the daughter is brittle and neurotic and, when her boyfriend leaves her for another woman, she takes umbrage, haunts the new love-nest night and day, lets down tyres, makes abusive phone calls and eventually throws a stone through a window and gets herself arrested.
  8. That is what it comes from and to that it must always return for nourishment."
  9. And vitality is its quality of mystic nourishment, its physical and spiritual trace in us."
  10. Self-contained units of nourishment, such as Fisons new Tomato Gro-Bag, are formulated to produce better tasting fruit, they make growing easy and give splendid results.
  11. Enjoying a variety of foods gives you all the nourishment you need.
  12. Even in the twenty minutes it had taken to get some nourishment, the light had faded and the dull day was darkening into a cold night; the beginnings of a frost crackled under their feet as they walked briskly along the embankment.
  13. And it was given new nourishment by a series of Hitler speeches in late 1940 and early 1941 which aimed to strengthen confidence in final victory and create the impression that the decisive strike to end the war - people still presumed that it would be against Britain - would take place in the course of the next twelve months.

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