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Перевод: nova speek nova

новая звезда [астр.] ; новинка


  1. Good timing then for a new coupling (though recorded in 1986) of the Missa choralis and Via crucis from the Ensemble Vocal Audite Nova de Paris, under their director Jean Sourisse, with no less a figure than Marie-Claire Alain at the organ of the Eglise Saint-Antione in Paris ( ).
  2. Cappella Nova, who have performed so nobly throughout this enterprise and are about to celebrate their tenth anniversary, have risen to prominence as Scotland's premier group specialising in contemporary choral music.
  3. Nova Bio-medical has updated its series of ISE based electrolyte analysers that it first launched in 1977.
  4. After this the "Pugwash Conference" of scientists from East and West - so named after the site of their first meeting in Nova Scotia - was held annually.
  5. IT CAN be no easy task making a satisfactory book out of a disparate collection of television scripts, but with one glaring exception Nova has achieved just that.
  6. At Wembley, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers rubbed noses with Cesky Terriers, Affenpinschers and Afghans were benched side-by-side.
  7. Thomson themselves (01 435 8431) offer 14 nights half-board at a 4-T hotel (Thomson's own classification) in Palma Nova in Mallorca for two adults and two children at 842, or a self-catering deal in Santa Ponsa at a similar class apartment for 508.
  8. Nova
  9. Modigliani wrote the words "Nova Pilota" (new pilot) and "Stella Maris" (guiding star of the sea) on his portrait: he was no longer, he felt, with a mere merchant but with a man of vision.
  10. Alcock's nova was world news.
  11. One of the nice things about them is that they are situated in one of the quieter areas between Palma Nova and Magalluf, but it is only a short walk to the beaches and nightlife of both resorts.
  12. Hardly anyone ever travels the full 3,727 miles from sea to frigid sea - Halifax, Nova Scotia to Vancouver, British Columbia - except the odd, crazed British journalist.
  13. The Marina of Porto Portals is 2km away, and both Magalluf and Palma Nova are within easy reach by bus.

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