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Перевод: nsf

национальный научный фонд


  1. (The Securitate had been formally abolished by a decree of the NSF Council published on Jan. 1.)
  2. Doug Hoyle, the Labour MP whose constituency is next to the NSF, said: "Leaving the present government in charge of scientific matters is like leaving Dracula in charge of a ward full of anaemics.".
  3. However, by mid-January food stocks had run perilously low and the NSF issued an appeal for international emergency food aid.
  4. However, the fact that 90 seats were to be reserved for workers, peasants, scientists, intellectuals, artists, students and ethnic minorities active in the revolution (all of whom were expected to be NSF supporters drawn from its 145-member Council) led to opposition accusations that the NSF meant to retain power.
  5. There is a supplement for travel on route code NSF in July and August of 9 per person.
  6. Both methods are currently being used at the Nuclear Structure Facility (NSF) at the Daresbury Laboratory near Warrington .
  7. Using data from the Science Citation Index, produced by the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia, the NSF produces annual reports that have become indispensable to the US Congress in its deliberations on government policy.
  8. The NSF Council affirmed on Jan. 3 that the former regime's prohibition on foreign borrowing was being dropped in order to finance economic recovery.
  9. During January the NSF announced significant political, social and economic reforms, and the arrest of Ceausescu's key associates.
  10. A second type of experiment at the NSF concerns the use of lasers for ultra-sensitive detection of isotopes and elements.
  11. Demanding that the NSF should stand down in favour of a caretaker administration, they were confronted by a cordon of tanks and troops around the NSF headquarters.
  12. The National Salvation Front (NSF) which had taken power following the violent overthrow of the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu at the end of 1989, struggled in its first weeks to maintain its unity and to contend with growing popular criticism.
  13. There were accusations that their presence had been orchestrated using methods reminiscent of the Ceausescu regime, with factory NSF committees giving workers time off to participate in demonstrations, and transport being laid on to bring demonstrators from as far away as Constana, the Black Sea port around 200 km from Bucharest.

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