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Перевод: nth.



  1. Div 1 Nth: Wellingborough 7, Norwich 1 - NFD Grove 8, Liverpool 0 - West Warwicks 8, Lincoln 0.
  2. Because it took anthropomorphism to the nth degree, Mr Lendrem's conclusions may be summarised as follows: (1) When ducks sleep they close their eyes.
  3. It may seem that the above methods are too time-consuming when one could just as well take every nth name from the list for one's sample.
  4. The thing that concerns me, as I go about describing, for the Nth time, the world's most famous electric guitar, is that it's all been said before.
  5. The proliferation of nuclear weapons was given the title of "the Nth power problem."
  6. Her gesture nth the faith of love.
  7. The 16 Dial/Comet recordings of "Bird Symbols", by the way, also have an enclosed "bathtub" sound (actually no worse than many discs taken from nth generation masters), although they are also cleaner and less distorted (and with less surface noise) on the whole than the French Savoy product.
  8. Ted convinced himself that the sounds came from the birds nesting in the eaves or the rafters and banged the walls nth a brush.
  9. A shield of arms (to cite one simple example) comprising a black cross nth scalloped edges on a yellow (gold) background progressed from being described in the thirteenth century as jaune o crois noire engrelee to today's blazon or a cross engrailed sable .
  10. Whereas Bismarck had wanted constantly to reassure the other countries of Europe that Germany was satiated, and wanted to act as an honest broker between East and West (his banker, Bleichrder, tartly remarked that there is no such thing as an honest broker), Wilhelmine Germany decided to make a bid for power in competition nth the other great powers, chiefly Britain.
  11. The question was which would be the Nth power to acquire the bomb which would also be irresponsible enough to start the holocaust.
  12. A random point was selected in the list of names, and then every Nth elector was noted, where N was the required fraction for the particular polling district to yield 22 addresses.
  13. Leonard could be fastidious to the nth degree in completing his own work - he has always said that he works "one word at a time," and can spend months, even years, in adding finesse to it; he is nevertheless dismissive of anything approaching scholarly exactitude, still more so pedantry.

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