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  1. GIBSON Chet Atkins CE, nylon strung solid guitar, wine red, mint condition, with case, 650.
  2. The distribution of the boto and tucuxi show considerable overlap, and according to da Silva and Best, both are the victims of accidental death from entanglement in fixed nylon gill-nets.
  3. Outdoor shops are just sports shops, but instead of a seedy man with a moustache selling you nylon football strips and tennis balls, outdoor shops stock only merchandise connected with hill-walking, climbing, skiing and sometimes canoeing, all of which will be offered to you by rosy-cheeked young sales people in fleecy tops.
  4. The filters are of non stick nylon and singed polyester, filtering out particles down to 0.4 microns.
  5. Nylon makes a 100% recovery to its original length but does so rather slowly.
  6. Down the dog's back runs a nylon tape with a small karabiner at its ends, which hooks on to a tug line that is crimped on to the tow line.
  7. I was wearing a nylon fun-fur leopardskin coat, a hat with funny floppy bits for ears, pink fluorescent lipstick, and a pair of short sailing wellingtons.
  8. Ann, the caretaker sitting on the arm of one of the chairs with her pale blue nylon tabard on, cosily sipped tea.
  9. Material: The type of material used for the outer and inner cover of the bag: AluN-Alu coated nylon, BS-Balloon Silk, BTr-Brushed Tricot Flannel, C-Cotton, CC-Cotton Cambric, Cl-Caralight Nylon, CP-Cotton Polymide, Ct-Caratex (Caravan Fibre), FP-Fibre Pile, Go-Goretex, Fl-Fleece, M-Microlight Microfibre, N-Nylon, N219d-Nylon 219 Denier etc.
  10. He was wearing a nylon drip-dry shirt, open at the neck, freshly pressed trousers; he had a leather satchel of books under his arm.
  11. One of those kittenish creatures he remembered from the films of his childhood in the Fifties, clad in waist-high, baby-doll nightdresses, women who seemed to enjoy nothing more than lying back among the yellow nylon sheets and allowing themselves to be strangled.
  12. He had a thousand metres of nylon fishing-line on the marlin rod lashed to the port stay, three hundred kilos breaking-strain.
  13. To make nylon thread, you dissolve the amines in a liquid.

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