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Перевод: nymph speek nymph

нимфа ; красивая девушка; изящная девушка; куколка ; личинка


  1. I thought of this hyla as the nymph Echo, a dryad, an invisible sweet voice.
  2. This is taking a sense of the particular about as far as you can go: man evolving as harmoniously with his landscape as the mayfly nymph evolved in harmony with its stream.
  3. What Nymph, that's eloquent and gay,
  4. Instead they cut grass - nasty coarse stuff - belting over the green in fifth gear, Walkman thundering, leaving pubic tufts in the awkward corner by the concrete nymph, then down to the Beetle for a few lagers.
  5. The NYMPH Salmacis was especially besotted by him, and Ovid (43BC-AD118) wrote that she "prayed that the twain might become one flesh, (from Metamorphoses).
  6. Very punctually in mid-May, the nymphs will rise from the bed of the river and hatch through a final nymph stage known to fishermen as "duns".
  7. The yellow may nymph is best adapted for rough boulders, while the marsh brown nymph fits against smooth stones, upon which its gill-like plates press down, thereby creating a vacuum.
  8. Go seek some Nymph that equals your Degree,
  9. The two are walking amid flowers and birds, and Phillario asks about the local beauties: "What Nymph, O Shepherd! reigns / The rural Toast of these delightful Plains?"
  10. It is fitting that the river should, according to legend, be associated with Tamara, a beautiful nymph who in ancient times lived in a cave deep below the earth.
  11. Iris was most often depicted as a NYMPH with golden, winged sandals and a herald's staff, for she was employed as a messenger for the gods.
  12. The blue-winged olive nymph lives among weeds such as water crowfoot.
  13. Not for me your concrete nymph or your plastic heron.

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